Invest smart supplying Sydney with affordable housing

Multiple Dwellings

Whatever job needs doing, Effective Building & Construction is the start and the end of your search.

Whether you have a fresh block of land and you’re looking to build a split residence, or if you’re wanting to add a granny flat and need to find the most efficient way to use the space you have: you’ve found your team. As luxury home builders we also build luxury affordable housing options, such as villas, shared housing and the new manor homes.

At EBC we take pride in the quality of our work, as well as our history of finding smart solutions to Sydney’s spatial problems.

Getting things clear

During the planning phase of building, we use the latest 3D modelling software to give our clients the best view of what their project will look like.
If you don’t have blueprints yet, that’s fine! We have trusted go-to architects and engineers on hand to help get your ideas in front of you on-screen.
Most importantly, EBC has a great team of site inspectors, so that we can find and solve the underground and overhead issues before we even touch a tool!

Working with you

Whenever we build additions to an existing home, we take every step to prepare so that we can stay on the job site and out of the client’s way. It’s really all about knowing the ‘what’ and ‘why’ you want something done, in order to get the speediest ‘how’ (and a result that you love.)

Working for you

It’s fair to say that a lot of tradies work for the dollar. Not us.
From directors to apprentices, the beating heart of EBC is a love for building whilst maintaining a high degree of quality and true customer satisfaction.
The skill of an employee is important to us, but only in equal measure to a good attitude.
So you, the customer, can trust that every dollar doesn’t just pay for feet on site- it pays for a job well done.

Best Builder

Each area of EBC is headed by an experienced, qualified manager. Everything we oversee comes with insight and aptitude.
When we need to utilise subcontractors to achieve any aspect of a build, we only use tried and trusted professionals, and expect the same quality from a hired hand as our own employees.

Get building today

Smart, affordable housing

Sydney is getting better at fitting designing living options for a growing population. New affordable housing can still be luxurious. Smart designs, quality materials, superior planning, and expert builders and consultants all make the most of your property’s constraints and council regulations. Effective Building is that team for you. NSW is increasingly making it possible for smart, compact medium density housing options that you’d actually want to live in. Let’s build something amazing together.