Developing and Investing

When developing & investing your time, money and skills you need to be able to trust your builder and ensure you have chosen the right building for the project. Here we highlight what you need to consider before engaging in a long term committed when developing and investing and some problems which can go wrong if the correct decisions are not made.

Initial considerations

The most important information to gather from your chosen builder prior to contracts are signed and construction has started is qualifications, experience and past projects they have completed. It is highly important to gather as much information as possible from your chosen builder to ensure you are making the right decision, as this could be a decision to either make or break you!

Below are a few very important things to find out before engaging into a binding contract:

  1. Is the builder licensed, qualified, experienced & fully insured?
  2. Has the builder completed a similar project or development as such and provided you with references which you have followed up on to ensure previous customers were satisfied with the end result?
  3. Have you engaged with a solicitor to have a read of the contract you are about to commit yourself too?
  4. And finally, are you a 100% confident in the builder or do you have any doubts?

Expert advice

If you have completed the steps listed above and you are confident in the builder you are choosing then go for it! We believe developing and investing your money is a life changing experience as you learn many new things along the way and if the investment goes as planned then you will also financially benefit from this investment.

The opportunities are endless with developing and investing your money, and if you go with the right builder with the right attitude and approach then you have entered into a long term relationship with your builder where the opportunities and financial wealth are endless.

We hope you enjoyed our post, we will continue to provide more step-by-step guides in the coming weeks.

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